Turnkey Transformations

Prepare for a luxurious experience as our design team assumes full control through our comprehensive turnkey transformation program. We specialize in post-construction enhancement services customized for clients in search of distinctive and personalized upgrades for their homes, often unattainable during the initial construction phase. Step into the world of opulence as our seasoned designer meticulously curates your home, highlighting its unique features and elevating its inherent beauty. RRI eliminates the renovation hassle and moving-in stress by managing every aspect of the process. When you’re ready to settle in, you’ll encounter high-end furnishings, exquisite decor, and thoughtfully chosen accents that transform your property into a masterpiece.

Full Remodel

Prepare to witness a complete transformation of your space as our skilled team orchestrates a harmonious blend of aesthetics, functionality, and personal style. From concept to completion, we meticulously reimagine every aspect of your interior.

Virtual Consultation

We understand the importance of personalized and accessible services. That’s why we offer virtual consultations for your remodel project, allowing you to discuss your vision and design goals from the comfort of your own space. With just a few simple steps, you can schedule a convenient virtual meeting with our team of experts.

Furnishing & Decor

Refined Rebel Interiors is a premier remodel company specializing in furnishing and decor, designed to transform spaces into captivating and rebelliously stylish environments, with a keen eye for innovative design.

Our Multi Phase Design Process

Phase 1

Conceptual Design
  • Get to know you
  • Document your space
  • Capture your input and desires
  • We gather inspiration images and envision your home from every angle
  • We conduct trade day to check feasibility and ballpark estimates

Phase 2

Detailed Design
  • We’ll present furnishings that are a fit for your budget, quality level and aesthetic using our industry knowledge and design expertise. We do not offer the ability for clients to see or sit test furnishings prior to purchase.
  • We provide one round of revisions. We ask that you share all of your input at one time so that we can make edits as efficiently as possible. Revisions can add time to the project depending on the scale of the revision.

Phase 3

Purchasing and Execution
  • We communicate details to vendors and trades
  • We place orders, track deliveries and resolve deficiencies
  • If the project requires a build or renovation, we offer project management
  • We oversee and coordinate deliveries

Phase 4

Project Wrap-Up Process
  • We follow up on any outstanding items
  • We see the punch list and all details through to completion
  • We provide our care guide to maintain your new furnishings and finishes